HAYDAMAKY released a new album

альбом годі спатиThe album was recorded in Warsaw at the Media Studio of the well-known Polish producer Piotr «Dziki» Khantsevich, with whom HAYDAMAKY worked in 2009. We have informed before that a number of famous musicians took part in the album: Spaniards CHE SUDAKA, known British ravers APOLLO 440, Polish reggae performer Каmil Bednarek, former vocalist of Emir Kusturitsa’s NoSmokingOrchestra Dr Nelle Karailich, Ukrainian Kasha Saltsova, master of throat singing from Siberia Tuvinian Albert Kuveizin, Canadian violinist-virtuoso Vasyl Popadiuk and other interesting musicians.

Нова пісня - "УкрОп":